Month: July 2020

5 Tips For Surviving Mergers And Acquisitions

Ask most professionals who have gone through the phase of surviving mergers and acquisitions, and they would probably tell you the experience was agonizing. Studies have shown that most career professionals don’t survive it. Every business is usually in business for profit. The more profit a company makes the more chances its ability to grow

Is Career Counselling Really Necessary?

Career counselling involves guiding and providing expert advice to young career professionals as they journey through several stages of their career and find themselves making those crucial career decisions. This might include choosing a job, building a personal brand, developing your skills and so much more. There are many benefits that come with career counselling.

3 Ways To Manage Your Difficult Boss

Under ideal situations, a difficult boss should not be a big deal in the workplace but more times than not, they exist and create tons of problems for employees like you. Humans are dynamic beings and as such, there’s usually no such thing as the perfect situation in the workplace. Most times, such situations are

4 Ways Of Staying In Touch With Your Former Boss

Keeping in touch with an old boss is very vital for your career and other networking opportunities. These bosses can serve as mentors, friends or network contacts. However, you need to ensure you are not one of those individuals who reach out to their old bosses just for favours and only when they have a need.

Job Redundancy: Key Secrets For Surviving It

Job redundancy is a terrifying experience; whether in the face of right-sizing or downsizing. When your employers choose to cut-down on the workforce based on economic factors and challenges and you are directly affected, it can bruise your ego, confidence and career Before we proceed, let’s take a quick look at what job redundancy is

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